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Running the Benz on Corn Oil


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Running the diesel Benz on Corn oil


Well with all the talk about running on free Waste Vegetable Oil, I wanted to see just how the Mercedes diesel would respond to a dose of unused corn oil.

I took the same type of "temporary" fuel tank that I made for my diesel purge (see above article) and just used new corn oil I bought at Walmart.  I just poured about 1/2 gallon of oil in my temporary tank hooked up all the lines and I was running on corn!  My general impressions were the engine was running a little smoother at idle.  While driving the car on the road, there was no noticeable difference in power.  There was a very distinct difference in the smell of the exhaust and almost no smoke at all.

Yes the exhaust did smell like cooking corn and not at all like a diesel powered car.

Safety and security tips:

Please remember to recycle all your used fluids at an appropriate recycling center.  Be mindful to not spill or splash fluids on yourself, others or the ground.  Also as a safety tip please remember anytime you are working on, around or under your car, to wear safety glasses and secure the car with wheel stops and approved jack stands! 



Just good ole new corn oil from Walmart.

The plastic temporary tank for your experiment.

Tank in the running position.  I drove around with this on the road.

Another view of the tank.