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Video FAQ

I have any part for every pictorial I have done on my web site.  If you need something that you don't see here as I build up this page, just email me and I will get back to you.


Why read about frequently asked questions when you can watch a video about them.  Every week more and more will be added to answer your questions about your Mercedes diesel.  Check back often.

Just click the link below for the video answer.


What is a rack damper bolt?

How do I check my MB diesel fluids?

Where is my fuse box and how do I change the fuses?

How do I open the hood of my Mercedes and a secret way to get the hood out of the way....very cool!

Help!  My Mercedes won't shut off.  Now what do I do?

How do I test my vacuum?

How do I know when my wheel bearing is bad?

How do I know if my ball joint or upper control arm is bad?