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Mercedes Combination Replacement


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Safety and security tips:

Please remember to recycle all your used fluids at an appropriate recycling center.  Be mindful to not spill or splash fluids on yourself, others or the ground.  Also as a safety tip please remember anytime you are working on, around or under your car, to wear safety glasses and secure the car with wheel stops and approved jack stands!  


Mercedes Combination Switch  Replacement



If you have ever had a problem with your combination switch that controls your wipers, blinkers, window washer or high beams for your headlights.  If any one of these functions is defective, then your combo switch will have to be replaced.

So follow along as I show you how to replace this switch....



This is the switch that we will replace.


Remove the black cover from the steering column.


Slide it off the two stalks.


Remove the knee panel from under the steering column.


Pull down one of the connectors and disconnect.


Here is the connector that was disconnected.


Remove the 2nd connector.....


....and disconnect.


Remove the screws that hold the wires to the manifold.  Make sure to remember where each one goes.


Do the same for the top screw.


Now remove the bottom screw that holds the assembly to the steering column....


...and the upper screw.



Tilt the assembly out and gently pull away from the steering column.


Slide the wiring harness out gently.


Here is the removed combination switch.  You will remove the wiring harness that has the smaller of the two connectors along with the cruise control stalk and attach it to the new combination switch. 



The assembly is then assembled just like you removed it.



After securing the assembly to the steering column, install the rubber cover....



Now enjoy the new function of the combination switch.