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Mercedes Antenna Mast Install

project 240d series



All parts used in these pictorials are available at the diesel parts for sale page

Safety and security tips:

Please remember to recycle all your used fluids at an appropriate recycling center.  Be mindful to not spill or splash fluids on yourself, others or the ground.  Also as a safety tip please remember anytime you are working on, around or under your car, to wear safety glasses and secure the car with wheel stops and approved jack stands! 



Mercedes Antenna Mast Install

After getting the 240d in fine form with new paint and fender, it was a crying shame to leave the bent antenna on the car.  So in trying to "bend" it back, it broke as they normally do.  Well into the parts bin I dove and came up with the replacement antenna mast.  This job is really easy to do if you have a friend to help.  I of course being he lone ranger, try to do most things myself out of necessity.  I got it done but could have done it a little faster with someone helping.

So lets get to it!


Brand new antenna mast ready to take it place in the Mercedes.


A broken antenna mast has no business on a Mercedes!


You don't need to remove the power cover but I did to show you the guts.  Pretty ingenious how it works.  The original antenna plastic cord is smooth, but I opted for the upgraded and better toothed cable.  The friction roller is knurled and works great if kept clean.  If you have any plastic shavings in the housing, vacuum or blow them out before installing the new mast.


Hopefully your radio works the antenna like it is supposed to.  With the radio off  take some pliers and unscrew the antenna and pull it up until you expose about this much of the shaft.  Then have your friend turn the radio on and gently pull it out as the motor feeds the cable out.  Take the new mast and insert the cable into the hole with the toothed notches facing the front of the car and push it all the way in until it stops.  Then have your friend turn the radio off and the motor will grab the cable and suck it in.  Gently guide the mast down and tighten the antenna back and your done.

Not having a friend helping like I did, requires you to turn the radio on and run back to the antenna and try to guide it in.  I did this several times until the cable grabbed correctly.  If I had a helper, then I could have focused all my attention on the cable and not trying to dodge the jack stands on the floor.



Use the old antenna as a fishing pole of just throw it away like I did.


New mast ready for another 20 years of service.  Yes those 4 jack stands were my obstacle course.  It would have been easier to me to have just moved them......