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198 Mercedes Benz 300 CD

3.0 L Turbo Diesel






3.0L 5cyl Turbo Diesel

233k miles


Newer tires

Completely stock

Non smokers vehicle

Ice cold A/C

Rust free Southern Car

This car runs very nice for an older Mercedes 300 cd.  This is the same coupe that was featured in the Dieselgiant.com "Acceleration Video".  The car is finished in Midnite Blue  with tan leather.  Yes I said leather and NOT MB Tex as most all 123 cars had.  As to be expected with leather and the southern climate, it will dry and crack.  The top of the back seat will need to be re-covered but you can get an upholstry shop to do it in vinyl if you want.  The font seats were experiencing some leather cracking so I installed real sheep skin covers and actually did a pictorial on how to do it here.   After doing the seat cover install I can say that it is the single best improvement I have ever done to one of these cars.  The seat is the most comfortable I have ever set in and make the car a joy to drive, no more sweat soaked backs and warm in the winter. 

As to be expected the paint is not show quality anymore but still shinny and presentable.  My goal on this car was to get it to a level that would be a nice daily driver, not a restoration.  Some items still will need repair or attention from the new owner, if they choose to do so.

The great news is this car is rust free and still looks nice.   The doors all still shut better than most new cars today, typical Mercedes quality.

I have already installed the dieselgiant.com inline block heater, but even with temps in the low 20's the car starts right up on the 1st turn of the key with no block heater assist.

The air is nice and cold and and has been converted to Freeze 12 just like this pictorial.  I installed a new dryer, expansion valve, O rings etc.

The engine is smooth and tight and fires right up.  When I did the valve adjustment the timing chain stretch was only 2 degrees!   Has great power and shifts just like it should, crisp and sure.  

To get you started off right I have done the following maintenance: 1) Changed the oil and filter,   2) Installed both the in-line and spin-on fuel filters, 3) Changed the transmission fluid and filter, 4) Completed a diesel purge of the injection system 5) Valve Adjustment.   As with many 20 year old Mercedes diesels, they will "mark their spot" with little drops of oil and tranny fluid.  What do you expect from a 20 year old!  The car is super smooth on the highway and has loads or power and torque.  Track straight and stops on a dime with four wheel disc brakes and anti lock.

I try to accurately describe my cars the best I can.  Remember this is a 20 year old car selling at 10% of what it was new, so keep that in mind.  I have driven this car over many miles personally and would not hesitate to jump in it and drive cross country.  If your in to the veggie conversions or bio diesel then why not make this into your daily "free" transportation.  If you have any questions just let me know and I will try to answer them the best I can.


45 pics so be patient while they load

Hi my name is Russell "The Diesel man" and I am the president of Armor Auto Sales, Inc.  We are  "Wholesale Liquidators" and licensed by the State as a small auto dealership that specializes in diesel and 4X4 cars and trucks.  We sell Mercedes, VW, Dodge and GM diesel products.  I have been a diesel and 4X4 freak for a long time and made a decision to just specialize in these vehicles.

You will not find anyone more passionate about these units than me.  If you have any questions no matter how small, then just email or call me.

Thanks  Russell

Email me at dieselworld@bellsouth.net

Call me with any and all questions at (404) 247-1433

We are in Metro Atlanta