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1979 Mercedes Benz 300d

3.0 L Diesel





3.0L 5cyl Diesel


Newer tires

Completely stock

Non smokers vehicle

Ice cold A/C


This car runs very nice for an older Mercedes 300d.  This car had been driven by me personally for the last 1 1/2 years.  I bought it from a customer who was the 2nd owner since 1980!  He bought the car when he lived in Southern California with only 30k miles.  Several of the pictorials on the maintenance page were done using this car.  Its got the upgraded "turbo diesel" hood pad, new upper control arms, new front brakes, rotors and sensors, sway bar bushings, wheel bearing, belts, and all maintenance done with the dieselgiant.com "extreme makeover kit".  New fuel screen, fuel hose replacement kit, rear diff fluid and on and on.  I also installed the dieselgiant.com "inline block heater" and the dieselgiant.com "master diesel vacuum kit".

The transmission on this car shifts better than any MB I have ever had.  Smooth and crisp.  Starts right up with little to no smoke.  The previous owner install the sheep skin covers on the seats to keep them fresh.  He also had a custom fabric dash cover to protect the dash.  The dash does have a few cracks, but nothing to bad.  The dash cover looks great and will keep the heat down in the car.  Yes the odometer works.  He had it repaired about 10 years ago and does just fine.  Its got an upgraded CD stereo system with remote.  It does not come one because the battery in the remote is toast, but I will get a new battery for it. 

I did quite a bit of work on this car while the owner had it before I bought it.  Just minor maintenance items.  He did replace the engine in it about 8 years ago I believe.  This car will keep up with most turbo diesels and gets great mpg to boot.   The average miles driven per year on this car is only 13k.  Remember the car is 28 years old hence the 368k miles total driven.  Don't be scared by the miles.  This is one of the best MB diesels I have ever had, and you could not tell it had that many miles.  Good lifetime maintenance and service is apparent. 

He had the car painted several times over its life.  The paint is still shinny and looks very nice.  The tires still have lots of life left in them.  This car is also a fairly rare color combo, silver with black interior.

 I have been running the Amsoil synthetic oil in the car for the last 10k miles I have been driving it.  Why am I selling this gem?  I recently got another MB diesel that is the Astral gray and when I get one, one must go.

Lots more to talk about on this car to serious buyers. 

I try to accurately describe my cars the best I can.  Remember this is a 28 year old car selling at 10% of what it was new, so keep that in mind.  I have driven this car over many miles personally and would not hesitate to jump in it and drive cross country.  If your in to the veggie conversions or bio diesel then why not make this into your daily "free" transportation.  If you have any questions just let me know and I will try to answer them the best I can.


45 pics so be patient while they load

Hi my name is Russell "The Diesel man" and I am the president of Armor Auto Sales, Inc.  We are  "Wholesale Liquidators" and licensed by the State as a small auto dealership that specializes in diesel and 4X4 cars and trucks.  We sell Mercedes, VW, Dodge and GM diesel products.  I have been a diesel and 4X4 freak for a long time and made a decision to just specialize in these vehicles.

You will not find anyone more passionate about these units than me.  If you have any questions no matter how small, then just email or call me.

Thanks  Russell

Email me at dieselworld@bellsouth.net

Call me with any and all questions at (404) 247-1433

We are in Metro Atlanta